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About the Educational Enrichment Fund
What Is The Educational Enrichment Fund (EEF)?

The EEF functions within the Black River Area Foundation and is made up of 11 local Board of Trustees. The EEF generates funds to provide grants to educators in the BRF school district. These grants provide funding for needed programs and materials not available due to budget constraints.

How Did The EEF Begin?

The idea for this fund originated in 2005 from a long-time resident of Black River Falls, Al Lahmayer. He and his wife, Jeanette, donated $50,000 to a fund to help the schools. A group of interested alumni, educators, and friends of the Black River Falls school district formed the EEF Committee. They began a fundraising campaign targeted at alumni and the community. The initial fundraising campaign raised over $200,000 toward the goal of $400,000.

How Are The Funds Administered And Disbursed?

Each March, teachers submit grant applications to the EEF Board of Trustees who oversee the fund. Upon reviewing the applications, the board of trustees makes recommendations for grants to be awarded. Only the earnings on the principal and donations from SUPPORTERS are available for disbursement.

How Can You Help?

You, as a friend of the Black River Falls School District, have the opportunity to support our schools. Your monetary gift will enable the EEF to impact the lives of thousands of students. Please consider making a donation. You can send your donation to:

Black River Falls Educational Enrichment Fund
PO Box 374
Black River Falls, WI 54615


BRF Education Enrichment Fund Recipients