Community and Organization Funds

Black River Falls Educational Enrichment Fund

An idea of the fund was initiated by Al Lahmayer in 2005. After meetings, discussions and a commitment of a donation from Al and Jeannette Lahmayer, the fund was established in 2006. Since then, alumni and community fundraisers have been held to increase the fund.

Earnings on the fund are used for the purchase of goods and/or services that will enrich the educational and extracurricular experiences of students within the Black River Falls School District. In 2009, with their donated funds, the Lahmayers established within the EEF the Lahmayer Family Music Fund with earnings on the fund going to grants from the Music Department of the Black River Falls School District. In November of 2011 the Black River Falls Education Enrichment Fund (EEF) received a $25,000 donation from Al and Jeanette Lahmayer to establish within the EEF the M.C. Schmallenberg Special Education Fund. This fund’s purpose is to recognize Schmallenberg’s efforts in establishing special education in the Black River Falls School District long before the law required it. The Lahmayers expressed their hope that others would like to join in honoring Mr. Schmallenberg with a donation to this fund to provide help for Special Education.

– Clubhouse Capital Improvements Fund
– Golf Course Capital Improvements Fund
– Legacy Fund

Skyline has been a central part of the lives of many people in the Black River Falls Area. Families have played golf, dined and held social functions to celebrate graduations, weddings and class reunions at the Skyline. Each year Skyline receives requests to accept contributions from families for whom Skyline represents a memory of some happy event. The year 2007 marked the 50th Anniversary of the Skyline Golf Course. To commemorate this milestone these three Skyline funds were created with the Foundation into which contributions could be accepted to help Skyline continue as a community resource for many years to come. Earnings will be distributed once the fund reaches a pre-determined level

Black River Area Youth Fund

Established in 2009, the fund is to be used for any special project that includes youth who will be enlightened by an educational experience or by serving others.

Jackson County Humane Society Jane Erickson Memorial Fund

In November 2004, the Jackson County Humane Society (JCHS) received a donation from Jane Erickson’s Estate. Jane was a long-time supporter of the ICHS who felt strongly about humane treatment towards animals, responsible pet ownership, and reducing the number of unwanted companion animals by using incentives to alter pets. In honor of Jane, the JCHS in 2006 invested these funds to use for future endeavors that may be necessary to maintain the strength and quality of the ICHS mission.

Alma Center Area Community Fund

Established in 2008, this fund is the first geographic affiliate of the Foundation. Its purpose is to provide opportunities for charitable giving to enhance the quality of life in Alma Center and surrounding area. Grants will be awarded from the annual earnings to non-profit groups and organizations for beautification projects, such as maintaining the Turtle Pond Park, social, recreational and tourism opportunities, and health and safety programs for residents.

Boys and Girls Club Fund

The fund was established in 2009 with proceeds from a life insurance policy donated by Ken Olson and cashed in for the purpose of building a greater fund for the Boys and Girls Club of lackson County.

Black River Falls Public Library Fund

This fund was established in 2012 to be used for future library needs. Local book lovers and anyone interested in helping maintain the library are encouraged to contribute.

Incubator Economic Development Fund

This fund was established in 2010 with the sale of the Incubator Building located in the Industrial Park. In 2013 the final installment was received for the sale of the Incubator Building and the Incubator checking and savings accounts were closed and added to the fund. Fund earnings will be used for annual grants (unrestricted) and the principal will be available for low-cost economic development loans to the City of Black River Falls and Jackson County (designated).

Security Financial Bank Community Service Fund

In 2009 Jackson County Bank established this fund.  In August 2021 Jackson County Bank merged with Security Financial Bank.  The fund’s annual earnings are used for the purpose of funding community grants.  The donors can recommend the distribution of annual earnings.  If no recommendations are made, the Foundation’s Trustees are directed to distribute annual earnings as they so determine.